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Welcome to Branches, a game developed by GamesRadar's, Leon Harley, and myself in 48 hours for the UKIE Journo/Dev Game Jam. The jam was backed by Alzheimer's Research UK, who also delivered our theme: 'The Brain'.

Branches is a point and click, found object game. You begin by associating items with pictures, and from that expand to explore a network of memories. From childhood to old age, each memory you unlock connects to many more as you try to help an older woman with dementia remember the past. 

--How To Play--

Drag and drop items with the mouse. Match the item with the picture to progress. As you progress pictures will become less blurry, however the bonds between memories will weaken. If the bonds between memories break then you lose.

Clicking on a pictures tabs to that picture. Clicking on the same picture will zoom. Clicking on the fully zoomed picture will return you to the overall view.


Branches_iOS.app.zip 50 MB
Branches_WINDOWS.zip 46 MB

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