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Roly Poly Shooty Tooty is an arena couch bash game! Dodge, jump and shoot your friends, but most importantly, roll with them!

This is my super simple game idea that I'm working on in my spare time while I study at uni. It's shooting your friends with a twist.  Quite literally. The only way for your character to move is to roll at high speeds and your head launcher rolls with you. Do your best to jump, dodge and roll out the way of your shooty tooty friends, while shooting and tooting right back at them.

Expect brighter and bolder colours when this game is fully realised, like Geometry Wars meets platforming.

If you like the game, leave a comment! Give me your thoughts and tell me what you'd like to see put in. If you really like the game, leave a donation! Even a dollar is enough to buy me some groceries in LIDL.

Thanks for checking me out, you're not so bad yourself. 

This prototype is only available to play with 2-4 players.

Controls are:

Player 1 Keyboard:

Movement - WASD                         Shoot - E                      Dodge - Q                      Ready - 1

Player 2:

Movement - IJKL                              Shoot - O                      Dodge - U                      Ready - 2

Player 3:

Movement - Arrow keys              Shoot - RightCtrl      Dodge - Bck Spc        Ready - 3

Player 4:

Movement - Numpad Arrows    Shoot - Num 9           Dodge - Num 7          Ready - 4

Controller PS4/Xbox:

Movement - LeftStick + X/A       Shoot - Square/X     Dodge - Circle/B       Ready - Options/Start

(All controllers work but pairing them up is a little buggy. Patience is required. If you notice any major bugs, 1, I wouldn't be surprised, and 2, leave a comment or somehow let me know!)


The music is the only thing in this build I didn't create.

Of course in the final version I will be compiling my own scores, this is simply to give a feel for what I what the game's music to be. Also it sounds pretty damn good.

I got it here:




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